Occupational Health

CONSTRUCTORA CONKOR C. A. develops and implements occupational health and safety programs in every site and workplace where it operates, in accordance with laws, regulations and regulatory provisions established in this area.

Furthermore, we design implement health, safety and environmental plans in compliance with our client’s particular requirements. Identifying hazardous conditions, assessing associated risks and implementing controls on the occupational health and safety of our most valuable asset, our people, is our priority.

We provide the best possible protection for our workers, providing them with protective equipment to perform their duties, reporting risks and promoting activities for awareness through information and training; this task is performed by our qualified occupational health and safety personnel.

We constantly evaluate the work environment conditions through scheduled inspections, which allow us to establish preventive measures for the inherent risks in activities, objects and means of work for each project. This way we can secure the welfare of our employees and comply with legal and contractual requirements with our customers.

We operate using safe work procedures that allow us to prevent incidents / accidents and occupational injuries, demonstrating the serious managerial commitment to fulfill our integrated management system (quality, occupational health and safety, and environment).