Distinguished event

Caminata Familiar Conkor 5K 2015


XXI International Convention and X Industrial Gas Exhibition

LAPS 2014 - Latin American Petroleum Show

Integral IV Congress of Hydrocarbons "100 years of the Venezuela's Petroleum Era"

3rd Hydrocarbon Comprehensive: "Challenges and Opportunities in Hydrocarbon Sector in Venezuela"

LAPS 2013 - Latin American Petroleum Show

Constructora Conkor, C.A 13 Anniversary

International Workers' Day

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Economic Outlook 2013

XI Venezuelan Chamber of Oil Anzoátegui Chapter Golf Tournament

2nd Top 100 Companies Meeting 2012

2nd HYDROCARBON COMPREHENSIVE "Towards the Integral Development of the Strip" September 2012

XXII Exposición Latinoamericana del Petróleo, Latin American Petroleum Show

1st PEQUIVEN Technology Conference 2012

1st HYDROCARBON COMPREHENSIVE CONGRESS “Venezuela oil country in growth”

XXI Exposición Latinoamericana del Petróleo, Latin American Petroleum Show

We participate in

Venezuela Oil Map 2014

Venezuela Gas Map


Business Magazine Venezuela - April 2014

Business Magazine Venezuela, 15 years - Top 100 Companies. November-December edition

Barriles Magazine (November)

Business Magazine Venezuela, Economic Outlook 2013. (January - February)

Business Magazine Venezuela

Petroguía (2012 Edition)

Barriles Magazine (december)

Barriles Magazine (September)

Barriles Magazine (March 2012)