At CONSTRUCTORA CONKOR C.A we intend to minimize the impact on the environment by identifying and assessing environmental aspects and determining and implementing control measures to address them.

We comply with the enforcement of laws, regulations and environmental standards. We have a Program to Identify, segregate and dispose waste according to its classification, supported by foundations responsible for collecting electronic, metal and chemical waste, among others.

For the proper management of waste generated from our activities, we comply with the Log for Activities Susceptible and Able to Degrade the Environment (RASDA / RACDA) entitling us as:

- Substances, materials and waste handling company in activities involving treatment, storage and transport under the RASDA Number M-TSMDP-Al-Tr-NC-2008-3921.

- Liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste generating company under RACDA Number EF-G-DNP-DP-DEAANZ-2004-063.